How to tell genuine silk from fake silk?

Burn test

This is the best way to find genuine silk. You can take a few threads from the silk material and burn it with a flame. Genuine silk burns with the smell of burning hair. When the edges of genuine silk are burned, the flame is invisible. As soon as the fire left, it stopped burning. The ash produced is black and crisp. It turns into powder if you rub it by hand. Artificial or synthetic silks is quite differently. When the synthetic silk is burned, there is a visible flame, a plastic smell and does not produce ash. You need to perform this step carefully since it could be dangerous. 


Genuine and high-quality silk will always be relatively expensive. Although synthetic silk can be deliberately priced high, low prices usually indicate the fabric is not genuine silk. Real silk usually costs at least ten times as much as synthetics to produce.

Hand Touch

Smooth, soft and waxy feel are the unique characteristics of silk products. When pressed on the surface of the silk product, it produces a pulling feeling. If you feel warmth with rubbing the silk, it is real. With artificial or synthetic silk, it is impossible to feel warmth when rubbed.